Planning for kindergarten math

We are using Singapore Math this year as part of our kindergarten curriculum.  Our books are the earlybird A & B books, which did not come with a teacher’s guide.  I had to prepare my own teachers guide so I counted up the number of lessons and reviews (which are actually practice tests) and ended up with 178.  The state of Virginia has a school year that is 180 days so this worked out perfectly for our required number of days. 

I had purchased several lesson plan books from the Target dollar bins last year and I pulled one out to prepare our lesson plans. 

I wrote out each lesson placing stars beside of items that require prior preparation for myself.  On Sunday afternoon during rest time each week I will take a look at my plans for the week and pull out any manipulatives we might need or prepare craft supplies for our use.  We are going to be reading at least one living math book a week and I already gathered many of them and wrote them into my lesson plans.  To keep it simple for me to remember, Wednesday is our living book day.  A living book is basically just a book that is written by one author who is very knowledgeable about the topic they have written about.  The author often has a love for the subject as well.  Living books are able to touch a reader emotionally and intellectually.  Textbooks are the opposite of living books.  I wanted to use an actual math curriculum…my husband and I both feel that math is a vitally important subject but we also wanted to approach math in a way that allows our children to build on concepts and even have fun while exploring those concepts. 

Each Friday we will work on a problem from our Mind Benders critical thinking book.  Each activity in this book has a chart that is a table with 3 rows and 3 columns.  The child is given clues and simply fills in a Y for yes or an N for no under the correct picture and ultimately after following all of the clues and filling in the table will end up with the answer to the problem.  These logic puzzles are challenging but will certainly help to improve critical thinking.  We selected the PK/K level book so it wouldn’t be so challenging it would be frustrating. 

We will also be writing in our math journals on a regular basis (sometimes daily, sometimes less frequently depending on the topic being studied). 

The inside cover of our math journal will help him be able to write out problems on his own without asking how to spell things. 

The back cover of our math journal has the notebooking expectations.  I found the wonderful ideas for math journaling at the blog Kindergarten Kindergarten.  The printables I used in the journal are found here.  Her blog is a wonderful source for anyone working on kindergarten curriculum! 

I have a math binder with divider tabs in it where I printed free worksheets or journal activities from all over the web.  These are my master copies.  As long as the Singapore math works well we are planning to use it with our other children as well.  It took quite a long time to pull sheets from all over so now I only have to do so one time rather than having to do the work all over again the next time I have a kindergarten student.  I also have this pocket folder which I place all of our weekly sheets in. 

Here are a couple of cute sheets I found for week 1.  We can have fun and learn at the same time.  :) 

We will be using a ton of manipulatives, which I have been collecting for two years since we first began talking about homeschooling.  (I found things clearanced and asked for the kids to receive them as gifts!)  Among other things, we have teddy bear counters, 3D geometric shaps, patternables, a balance, and a few other fun things.  We will be doing crafts with our math lessons when it is appropriate too, which my kids will enjoy.

I am so excited about our math curriculum!  The best part is that our year is 100% planned so stress free for this mama.  Well, maybe it is more like 97%.  I have a couple of blank slots to fill with living books still. 

How is your curriculum planning going? 

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4 Responses to Planning for kindergarten math

  1. bbeavers says:

    Thank you. :) It was a lot of work but well worth it…our school year should be organized now and I am looking forward to studying math (and everything else) with my son!

  2. Susan says:

    Looks like you have a very comprehensive plan for math! Thanks for sharing it with Favorite Resources.

    • bbeavers says:

      You’re welcome. My little guy loves numbers and is so excited about learning to add and tell time. I only hope our lessons will help him to remain so enthusiastic. :)

  3. Sharon says:

    This is amazing! Is there a way I can purchase your lesson plans?!

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