Weekend reads

I came across quite a few good reads this week while online. 

Good books to read about growing things at Life as Mom  We have been busy reading lots of books about growing things in our homeschool for the past few weeks.  The only book we didn’t read from her list was “The secret garden”. 

Book inspired picnics at Reading Confetti  These are such cute ideas although we haven’t actually had any of these picnics yet.  Maybe this coming week… :) 

A simple and delicious Mother’s Day brunch at the Better Mom  This looks like such a yummy and simple menu. 

A list from Passionate Homemaking of her favorite natural home items  This list contains body care, baby care, and cleaning recommendations. 

cashew chicken salad recipe from My Blessed Life  I love chicken salad and this sounds like a tasty recipe. 

Balancing your decorating style with Hoosier Homemade  Liz is an amazing decorator and I love her style.  The tips she provides in this article are great. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will be back at the beginning of the week with another Marriage Matters installment.

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