Weekend Reads

Here are a few of the good blog posts I read this week:

Chicken salsa nachos at Amy’s Finer Things  These sound yummy.  We love Mexican food so I can’t wait to try this recipe!

A 1st birthday cake at Homemaker’s Challenge  I have a baby with a birthday coming up in July.  This cake is beautiful and looks simple enough.  I am thinking of doing an owl theme for her party with pink and brown as the main colors.  I bookmarked it so we’ll see if anything else strikes my fancy between now and then. 

25 alphabet activities for kids at No time for flashcards  I love this website and have used it a ton for ideas for homeschooling during our preschool and tot school adventures.  We have used several of these activities and loved them!

Keeping your child’s heart through the teen years, it starts when they’re born at I take joy  I love Sally Clarkson; her blog, her books, hearing her speak (which I’ve only been able to do online so far but I’d love to hear her in person!).  This blog post is about creating a family culture and that is something my husband and I are working hard to do. 

The beauty of Motherhood at Passionate Homemaking  Such a lovely piece on motherhood.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of my readers.

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